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Secrets to a Successful Home Sale

-The Three Keys to Selling Your Home-

Three Key Elements Determine How Quickly a Home Sells

1. Pricing     2. Condition & Staging     3. Marketing

1. Pricing

Correct pricing is essential for a timely sale. Even the best marketing will not bring buyers if the price is too high.

Think about it — Would you pay thousands more for the exact same new car, just because one dealer advertises on Billboards all around town? Of course not! The same is true when it comes to home buyers. They are comparison shopping. The more properties they tour, the more they understand exactly what is a fair price in today’s market.

How is an accurate list price established?

The Hoagland Group prepares a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA).  It’s comprised of similar homes in your neighborhood/area which:

  • Sold within the past 6-12 months
  • Are currently for Sale
  • Were rejected by buyers

After reviewing the pictures, improvements, updates, square footage and other listing details, the Hoagland Group and Seller jointly determine a listing price.

How does an appraisal affect the sales price?

In today’s market, we have to “sell” the price to 3 people:

The Real Estate Agent:  They will use market comparables and their knowledge of the neighborhood to offer advise on pricing to the buyer.

The Buyer:  They will determine their own opinion of the value based on comparing the features and condition of the property with other homes they have viewed.

The Appraiser:  Every lender requires a home appraisal and the value must meet or exceed the sale price.  Appraisers use the same criteria for the value that The Hoagland Group uses in their CMA.  If the appraisal comes in lower than the sale price, then the lender will not loan the money for the purchase.  Right now, appraisals are helping to keep an artificial ceiling on increasing prices.

2. Conditioning & Staging

Condition applies to both the overall maintenance and how the property shows.

Staging is simply getting your home ready for showings and media presentation.  It is not the same as decorating!

The Hoagland Group offers low price, high impact suggestions that enhance your properties appeal to the most buyers.  They will recommend depersonalizing, neutralizing and updating where needed.

If it needs more attention…we call in the professionals at Home Matters!

3. Marketing

The Hoagland Group puts marketing dollars where they are most productive! Every year the National Association of Realtors (NAR) conducts an extensive Home Buyer Study to determine where buyers are finding their new homes.  The Hoagland Group reviews this study as soon as it is published and adjusts their Marketing Campaign around the results.

What Else Goes Into A Successful Home Sale?

Marketing is a big part of it.

But without correct pricing and good condition & staging of your home, marketing will only get you so far..

“You couldn’t have done a better job…

Your marketing was spot on and really stood out on the listing.  Take care and thank you again for everything you did for us!

Jason Wooldridge

— Moved out of state